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  • Bruce Beaudrette, Skinnyfat director Andy Bydalek and host Stephen Leader on The Programme

    Director Interview on The Programme

    October 8th, 2011 | Interviews | Skinnyfat | No Comments

      Skinnyfat writer-director Andy Bydalek was back on The Programme September 13, 2011 with Stephen Leader and celebrity guest host Bruce Beaudette to discuss the making and release of ‘Skinnyfat’ on DVD. Andy talks candidly about what it took to grow the movie from two guys and a video camera into the current phenomenon that […]

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  • FlierBearsInternet_thumb

    Skinnyfat and The Thirty Bears

    July 14th, 2010 | Production Diary | Andy Bydalek | No Comments

      One of the underlying themes of Skinnyfat  is the range of gay subcultures based on body type.  In an effort to bring that to the screen, I wrote a scene that takes place at a “bear” party.  I wanted to show a community of healthy, happy larger sized men in stark contrast to our […]

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